Our Values

  • Golf can (and should) be fun for everyone

    Whether you’re playing through a lumberyard or some bush-league country club, we’re about enjoying every round and always looking goodly.

  • Championing all golfers

    The good, the bad, the young, the old—and everybody in between. Our mission is to bring more people to the game.

  • Unapologetically colorful, accessible, and fun

    We will always make sure you #lookgoodly on and off the course, no matter what the scorecard says. Adding the necessary flair to make the game unapologetically colorful, accessible, and fun.

Our Promise

Golf should be as simple as “do you want to go play?” Noonan Golf Co. is here to champion that change. As we continue to grow, we want the game of golf to grow with us. 5% of all profits are donated to youth golf organizations that make golf more accessible to all. Today we’re supporting Youth On Course, which provides youth with access to life-changing opportunities through golf.

  • Less Than a Round of Golf

  • High Quality

  • Full Set Patterns

  • Makes You Look Better When Playing

  • Anotha One